Gun running, organised crime and armed conflict in East Africa


As armed groups proliferate in Africa, the task of curbing weapons trafficking and resolving conflicts has become more complex. Connections between armed insurgencies and criminal organisations in eastern Africa are growing as groups cooperate on illegal trade and natural resource exploitation to finance their activities.

This webinar will share findings from two new research papers on armed conflict and arms trafficking, and their intersections with organised crime. Speakers will explore current and alternative ways to disrupt these transnational threats.

Moderator: Dr Sunday Angoma Okello, IGAD/CEWARN Conflict Analyst and ENACT Advisory Board Member

Opening remarks: EU Delegation representative


Dr Lucia Bird, Director, West Africa Observatory, Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime

Anabella Corridoni, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, INTERPOL

Richard Okwalinga, Detective/Assistant Superintendent of Police and Head of Crime Analytical Unit, Uganda

Dr Tadesse Simie Metekia, Senior Researcher, ISS Addis Ababa

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