From law to action: South Africa’s new Cybercrimes Act


South Africa’s new Cybercrimes Act brings the country into line with international standards and complements existing legislation on the protection of personal information. It also reaches beyond computer-based offences by outlawing cyber-enabled crime and malicious communications. 

What should the government’s priorities be in translating the new law into action? This seminar will consider implementation challenges and how South Africa can leverage its commitments in regional and international cybercrime engagements.

Chair: Karen Allen, Senior Research Advisor, ISS Pretoria


Moliehi Makumane, former special advisor to the SA Cyber Envoy to the UN group of experts on cyberspace and international security

Jaqueline Fick, Advocate and Cybercrimes Investigator, Cybercrimes Trainer and CEO, Vizstrat Solutions

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