From awareness to action: Africa's blue economy after Lomé


Blue economies are fundamental for Africa’s development and prosperity. Maritime resources enable fishing, resource extraction, tourism and shipping that can contribute billions of dollars to African economies.

At the African Union (AU) Extraordinary Summit on Maritime Security and Safety and Development in Africa in Lomé, Togo in October, leaders will decide how best to reduce insecurity at sea and promote Africa’s blue economy. The summit will produce a charter containing binding mechanisms for states, and the event could revitalise the often-hampered process of developing Africa’s maritime domain

This seminar will discuss how the Lomé summit, and what follows, can enhance maritime gains and maintain momentum. Perspectives from the AU, regional communities, civil society and academia will highlight the complexities and opportunities.

Chair: Timothy Walker, Researcher, ISS Pretoria


Discussant: Soren Skovbjerg Nielsen, Maritime Strategic Planner, 2050 Africa’s Integrated Maritime Strategy Task Force

Picture: ©AMISOM Photo/Tobin Jones

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