Finding a route through Zimbabwe’s persisting crisis


Zimbabwe faces a humanitarian crisis with more than half its citizens on the verge of starvation. Instead of charting a course for recovery, the ‘new dispensation’ is characterised by policy distortions and discord. Economic measures to deal with the currency crisis and attract investment are hampered by inconsistencies and a lack of follow-through.

This seminar aims to help citizens and the international community navigate this maze of uncertainty. Speakers will debate policy options, and the role of South Africa and the Southern African Development Community in recharging the country’s economy.

Chair: Dr Mungure, Institute for Peace, Leadership and Governance, Africa University, Zimbabwe


Dr N Moyo, former minister of Industry and International Trade, Zimbabwe and 2018 presidential candidate

Oswell Binha, former president, Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (TBC)

Elinor Sisulu, Analyst

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