Do police make South Africa safe?


There is almost no research evidence that policing in South Africa reduces crime or improves feelings of safety. This doesn’t mean police have no positive impact, but that the link between their activities and goals hasn’t been proven.

This seminar will launch three new reports by Dr Anine Kriegler. They explore the meaning of ‘evidence’ in evidence-based policing, the state of South Africa’s policing evidence base, and how partnerships between police, academics and researchers can help transform the South African Police Service (SAPS) into the professional agency the country needs.

Chair: Dr Andrew Faull, Senior Researcher, Justice & Violence Prevention, ISS


Dr Anine Kriegler, Centre of Criminology, University of Cape Town

Simphiwe Mahamba, SAPS Research

Jeanette Smit, Head of School, Management for Safety in Society, STADIO

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