Democracy at the crossroads: real test for the ACDEG


This seminar will focus on the African Union’s (AU) mandate to advance democracy and participatory governance. The African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) aims to transform governance to support peace and security on the continent. However, despite the charter’s adoption in 2007, intra-state violent conflict is still pervasive in Africa.

This seminar will critically re-examine the ACDEG’s impact on Africa’s democratic development. The ACDEG and the African Peer Review Mechamism (APRM) are intertwined and mutually reinforcing. Both must be pursued simultaneously if democracy is to get a new lease on life. This is the real test for both the ACDEG and APRM.

This seminar is co-hosted by the ISS and the Department of Political Affairs, AU Commission.

Chair: Dr Roba D Sharamo, Regional Director, ISS Addis Ababa


Dr Khabele Matlosa, Director, Department of Political Affairs, AU Commission

Prof Adebayo Olukoshi, Director for Africa and West Asia, International IDEA, Addis Ababa

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