Constitutional design options for managing Ethiopia’s ethnic divisions


How to manage ethnic division has been Ethiopia’s core political predicament for the last five decades. Attempts by successive regimes to promote ethnic inclusion as well as national cohesion have not brought sustainable peace in the country. What constitutional design options are there for Ethiopia to effectively and democratically manage the conflicting dreams of its people?

This seminar launches a new ISS monograph that assesses existing mechanisms to manage diversity in Ethiopia and proposes new alternatives. Speakers will cover federalism, consociationalism, centripetalism and integrationist schemes and their relevance to Ethiopia.

Chair: Dr Getachew Assefa, Associate Professor, School of Law, Addis Ababa University


Dr Semir Yusuf, Senior Researcher, ISS Addis Ababa

Dr Assefa Fisseha, Associate Professor, Centre for Federal Studies, Addis Ababa University

Picture: Amelia Broodryk/ISS

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