Combating cattle rustling is back on East Africa’s agenda


Cattle rustling is no longer a traditional practice among East Africa’s nomadic communities. It has become a commercial and increasingly violent enterprise run by criminal networks across communal and international borders and involving various perpetrators. 

East Africa’s revitalised agreement on preventing and combating cattle rustling (known as the Mifugo Protocol) offers ways to manage this complex threat. The protocol is set to be signed by the region’s 14 police chiefs in October. This seminar will consider recent cattle rustling trends and links with other transnational organised crimes. Speakers will also discuss the protocol’s key provisions and its value for the region.

Chairperson: Mohamed Daghar, Regional Coordinator – Eastern Africa, ENACT, ISS Nairobi

Opening remarks: EU Representative, TBC


Lillian Alum, Chief State Attorney, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Uganda

Gideon Kimilu, CEO of EAPCCO and Head of INTERPOL Regional Bureau, Nairobi

Martin Ewi, ENACT Regional Coordinator for Southern Africa, ISS Pretoria

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