Can local action stop terrorism in Africa?


Preventing the spread of violent extremism will take more than drones, intelligence and special security operations.

Eric Rosand, a renowned international expert on terrorism says solutions lie at community level. Teachers, parents and youth leaders are some of the local actors that must get involved. Governments should focus on building trust with their citizens, because state violence and marginalisation are among the most common causes of violent extremism.

This approach makes sense, but can it gain traction in a new era of combative counter-terrorism policy? And can local communities in Africa realistically take on global extremism and their own heavy-handed governments? These are some of the questions that ISS executive director and African counter-terrorism expert Anton du Plessis will debate with Rosand.


Eric Rosand, Director, The Prevention Project and Non Resident Senior Fellow, Brookings

Anton du Plessis, Executive Director, ISS