After Iraq, what next for ISIS?


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The recent liberation of Mosul by Iraqi forces dealt a heavy blow to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which controlled the city since June 2014.

Mosul was ISIS’ most strategic and important city. Not only is it the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad, but it is also the proclaimed capital of their Caliphate. Mosul has immense natural resources including crude oil – the main source of ISIS’ US$3 billion annual income in 2015. Its proximity to Syria provided a link between the two countries of the Caliphate.

Mosul was only one battle in a difficult war against ISIS, but this important victory heralds the defeat of ISIS in Iraq. What does this mean for Africa, which has been the underbelly of the global war on terror?     

Chair: Simon Allison, Africa Editor, Mail & Guardian


HE Dr Saad Kindeel, Ambassador of Iraq to South Africa

Martin Ewi, ISS

Picture: US Central Command