Africa’s role in the global race for the Indo-Pacific


The Indo-Pacific describes the geographical space reaching across the sea from the east coast of Africa to the Pacific island states. This seascape is significant for Africa’s peace, security and development, but its role and place in this increasingly contentious geopolitical space is unclear. Most countries’ Indo-Pacific strategies seem to sideline the continent.

African states should take clear policy positions on the Indo-Pacific or risk becoming ensnared in an emerging great-power contest. This seminar will discuss what the concept means for Africa, in particular its maritime security implications.

Chair: Denys Reva, Research Officer, ISS Pretoria


Leaza Jernberg, independent researcher and analyst

Jaimal Anand, Researcher, Asia and Middle East, Department of International Relations and Cooperation, South Africa (TBC)

Timothy Walker, Maritime Project Leader and Senior Researcher, ISS Pretoria

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