Africa’s iDovers work for peace in a COVID-19 world


The African Union’s iDove initiative provides a youth-led platform for peacebuilders in Africa, Asia and Europe. Drawing on the soft power of religion, it aims to foster creative approaches to preventing violent extremism. But the prospects for sustaining iDove in Africa are now under threat from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This seminar will debate findings and recommendations from a new ISS policy brief on how the initiative has maintained intra/interfaith approaches despite various pandemic-imposed constraints.

This event will not be recorded or live-streamed and Chatham House Rules apply.

Chair: Vedhan Singh, Strategy Advisor, Africa Unite


Muneinazvo Kujeke, Research Officer, ISS Pretoria

Mamane Yachaou, Coordinator, ONG Recup Niger

Rashida Namulondo, Team Leader, Sophie Muwanika Institute of Art for Change, Uganda

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