Africa in the world


Africa has much to gain from taking a more active role in global affairs. COVID-19 and climate change are harsh reminders of the continent’s vulnerability to shocks emanating from beyond its shores. Africa must shape world thinking and planning around how to reduce these and other risks.

At the same time, Africa’s stability and development depend on relationships with other regions, countries and multilateral bodies. In 2020 for example, 73% of UN Security Council resolutions dealt with peace and security in Africa. And although it’s up to African states to make the African Continental Free Trade Area work, the continent’s prosperity is tied to its economic relations with the EU, China, the US and no doubt India in future.

This seminar launches a new ISS initiative that aims to bolster Africa’s voice and influence in world affairs. Experts will talk about how the continent can define its future, solve internal challenges and contribute to global policy.

Chair: Karen Allen, Senior Research Advisor, ISS Pretoria


Stellah Kwasi, Researcher, African Futures and Innovation, ISS Pretoria

Dr Mohamed Diatta, Researcher, Peace and Security Council Report, ISS Addis Ababa

Gustavo de Carvalho, Senior Researcher, Peace Operations and Peacebuilding, ISS Pretoria

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