Improving human security in Africa:
Annual Review 2020

Despite COVID-19 constraints, ISS outreach soared
and staff helped strengthen institutions working on
maritime security, organised crime and counter-terrorism.

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ISS Today: African coups
are making a comeback

The AU should do more to pre-empt coups by sanctioning bad
governance and attempts by presidents to extend their terms.

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Seminar: Long route to a gender-responsive
African maritime sector

Correcting the vast disparities will
take much more than recruiting
more women to work at sea.

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Seminar: Nigeria in 2050 – global
player or poverty capital?

Structural changes could prevent the country
from having the most extremely poor
people globally within three decades.

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Seminar: Africa and global cyberdiplomacy –
priorities for action

As the global cyberdiplomacy space
becomes increasingly contested,
African states risk falling behind.

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Seminar: Can Hichilema make Zambia
a foreign policy powerhouse?

Zambia’s new leadership could see it
playing a greater role in geopolitics
and economic integration in SADC.

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Seminar: Point of no return?
Illegal sand mining in Kenya

The illicit extraction industry
is leaving irreversible scars on
ecosystems, lives and livelihoods.

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Seminar: Governing in the shadows –
Angola’s securitised state

This seminar launches a new book
on the hidden world of presidential
power and political survival strategies.

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ISS Live: Are coups
back in Africa?

Recent government takeovers in Chad, Guinea
and Mali suggest that the continent’s
efforts to contain coups are failing.

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The Institute for Security Studies is an African organisation, which enhances human security by providing independent and authoritative research, expert policy advice and capacity building.
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