ISS Today: Is West Africa’s
Eco currency just an echo
of the colonial past?

Is Francophone West Africa’s proposed
new currency a step towards a monetary
future completely independent from France?

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Seminar: COP25 and the
challenges facing South Africa

South Africa’s response to climate
change, like that of many countries,
needs to improve.

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Seminar: 2020 will test
the AU’s resolve

Ahead of the AU summit, this seminar
considers upcoming priorities in the face of
persistent conflicts and governance challenges.

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Publication: Emerging giant

Ethiopia’s government should focus on four
key priorities to achieve development targets.

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Publication: Peace and Security
Council Report No 120

This issue asks whether Africa
can weather the storm in 2020
and if the PSC is at a crossroads.

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Publication: Drivers of ethnic
conflict in contemporary Ethiopia

Although ethnic-based conflicts are not new,
their scale and intensity in a short space
of time has been alarming.

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Video: Prospects for the
G5 Sahel countries

Despite enormous security and development
challenges, clear and directed interventions
could improve the region's prospects.

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