ISS Today: Will this election
change the DRC?

Tshisekedi will have little margin for
manoeuvre, as Kabila’s party has
managed to retain substantial power.

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Briefing video: DRC elections
bring greater uncertainty

The DRC election outcome
surprised many, but the
results are being contested.

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Video: Costs of SA’s
migration policies on women

Enhancing rights-based gender-sensitive
migration policy should be a priority to
help build South Africa’s economy.

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Video: Ethiopia’s world changing
refugee responses

Ethiopia is one of the first countries in
the world to pilot the Comprehensive
Refugee Response Framework.

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Publication: Nobody came to ask us

Ensuring South Sudanese refugee voices are
heard now can help them be a source
of peace in future.

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Publication: Damned to desperation

Young people feel absent and silenced in the
electoral process – how can this be changed?

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Publication: Compound fractures

For South Sudan's new agreement to succeed, leaders
must prove they are committed to transforming
the way politics is done.

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