ISS Today: Will free trade be
Africa’s economic game changer?

The AfCFTA won’t start with a bang
but could boost economic growth
more than any other factor.

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Seminar: Africa’s 4th industrial
revolution – endless opportunities

Can manufacturing and the 4th industrial
revolution transform African economies?

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Publication: Counter-terrorism, human rights
and the rule of law in West Africa

A strong criminal justice system offers countries
better protection against terrorist attacks.

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Publication: Gender and human
security – African perspectives

Analyses on Nigeria, CAR, South Africa and Liberia
cover security-related gender inequalities
and what could be done about them.

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Weekly briefing:
SA’s next five years

South Africa has been set
on a path to regain the social
compact for which it was known.

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ISS Live: What the 2019 election
results mean for South Africa

What is the likely impact of
the results on the state of
politics in the country?

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