Better police use of data
could cut South Africa’s crime

A new report finds concerning flaws in
point-level police data from areas
with high rates of violence.

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South Africa’s Hawks
are preparing to fly

Much work is happening behind
the scenes to undo the damage
of corruption and state capture.

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ISS Today: Xenophobia, like racism,
must be treated as a crime

Persecuting foreigners is contrary to SA’s
constitutional promise that the country
belongs to all who live in it.

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Press release: Policing alone cannot
solve South Africa’s violence

Effective criminal justice is necessary
but not sufficient to reverse trends
reflected in the latest police statistics.

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Infographics: Murder and robbery
on the rise in SA

Police crime statistics released today
show a worrying continuation of the
seven-year trend.

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South Africa’s problems are
not caused by foreigners

Concrete measures to strengthen the
rule of law are necessary to prevent
outbreaks of public violence.

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