ISS Today: Fighting crime shouldn’t
trump SA’s public order policing

Marikana is an important reminder
of the need to strengthen public
order policing in South Africa.

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Seminar: How after school
programmes can prevent violence

The Western Cape’s After School Game Changer shows
how good quality programmes stimulate
children and ensure their safety.

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Seminar: Is 4IR a threat
to human security?

Africa must be prepared for
the abuse of big data and the
growing threat of cybercrime.

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Publication: South African
Crime Quarterly 68

In this edition: student crime at urban universities,
women involved in crime, rethinking crime and
punishment and ‘family-joining’ refugee rights.

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Publication: How to map
violence without police data

Murder data and mapping can serve as
a guide to action, because it provides
insights into general violence trends.

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Publication: Point-level analysis
of crime in Khayelitsha

If the underlying data is mostly accurate,
spatial analysis can reveal crime trends
and enable more intelligent responses.

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View on Africa: dealing
with terrorist defections

Amnesty and rehabilitation programmes
often fail because security forces target
and abuse former combatants.

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