ISS Today: Kenya must do more
than just find the money

Attempts to tackle graft through asset
recovery are laudable, but internal cash
controls and convictions must follow.

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Seminar: Dark world of
the Zama Zamas
– illegal mining in SA

New research exposes the impact of
illegal mining, and interrogates government,
industry and community responses.

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Publication: Elections and stability
in SADC – the Zimbabwe case

Instead of supporting democracy, elections
are often a source of instability and conflict.

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Publication: Returning migrants –
Europe’s focus, but at what cost?

Prioritising returns irrespective of the
costs could be damaging in multiple ways.

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Publication: PSC Report No 113

This special issue focuses on Africa’s
regional economic communities.

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Weekly briefing: Europe’s
revolving migrant door

Recent policy developments in Europe
suggest African returnees are being
targeted above those from other regions.

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