Press release: No justice, no
reparations five years after Marikana

The ISS proposes practical steps to ensure accountability
and show that lessons have been learned.

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ISS Today: The fight against
corruption in Africa is on

The AU has declared 2018 the
year for combating corruption
– are governments on board?

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Seminar: New plans to fight
police corruption in South Africa

What does a dedicated unit in the police
require to effectively tackle corruption?

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Seminar: Executive ethics - South
Africa’s leaders must do better

The law governing the accountability
and conduct of the president
and the executive needs review.

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Weekly briefing:
fractured ‘new republic’?

Legislative elections have
entrenched political divisions
amid a worsening economic crisis.

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Briefing video: Raila
Odinga goes hungry again

Kenya’s post-election stability depends
on how Odinga responds to his latest rejection.

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ISS Live: Fate of
the Nation

The ANC’s choice of its next leader
will determine South Africa’s fate.

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Peace and Security
Council Report 93

In this issue: AU reform decisions that
were questioned at the recent summit,
and counter-terrorism in the Sahel.

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