Spotlight: UN–AU partnership underpins
peace and security in Africa

ISS has championed effective working relationships
between the organisations tasked with guiding
peacebuilding among their member states.

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ISS Today: Cybercrime in Nigeria
demands public-private action

Strategies dominated by state security
agencies will raise questions about abuse,
accountability and access to information.

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Seminar: Improving African maritime security
in the Western Indian Ocean

Leading roleplayers reflect on
key challenges in the aftermath of
COVID-19 and how to deal with them.

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Seminar: Kenya on the Security
Council - what to expect

The next few months should be
used to plan and prepare for
an intense two-year term.

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Seminar: Silencing the Guns -
achievements, opportunities
and challenges

Seven years on, why is Africa still
far from realising the commitments
made in this important initiative?

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Seminar: Constitutional design
options for managing Ethiopia’s
ethnic divisions

To resolve this decades-old predicament,
Ethiopia needs to tackle complex
individual and group demands.

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Seminar: Youth hold the key to
preventing terrorism in Southern Africa

How can Mozambique, SADC and
the AU leverage the peacemaking
potential of young people?

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Publication: Maritime cyber security -
getting Africa ready

To prepare for future challenges, cyber security
must be better integrated into African maritime
security instruments and frameworks.

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Publication: Silencing the Guns
in Africa by 2020 - achievements,
opportunities and challenges

With few results to show after seven years,
the initiative faces conceptual, institutional,
political and operational challenges.

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The Institute for Security Studies is an African organisation, which enhances human security by providing independent and authoritative research, expert policy advice and capacity building.
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