ISS Today: Do those seeking peace
in Chad need to prepare for war?

Despite committing to reconciliation, Chad’s transitional
government is prioritising military investments and
security cooperation with foreign countries.

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ISS Seminar: Could procedural
justice rebuild public trust in
South Africa’s police?

New ISS research suggests that prioritising
positive public-police relations can enhance
police effectiveness and reduce costs.

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ISS Live: Who needs a seat
at the climate change table?

Although women and youth are deeply affected
by climate change, they tend to be overlooked
in decision-making.

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Publication: Landscape of fear –
crime, corruption and murder
in greater Kruger

The national park’s most-pressing challenge
is no longer preventing rhino poaching but
eradicating internal corruption.

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ISS Live: South Africa’s silent killer –
stifling dissent and public disclosure

Public health workers face severe consequences
for revealing potentially deadly corruption
and maladministration.

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