ISS Today: Getting to grips with
Ethiopia’s ethnic and political
violence is vital for stability

Dialogue will only work if all involved understand
why there’s conflict – and commit to ending it.

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Seminar: Double-edged sword: how
technology can combat wildlife crime

Tech can be a game-changer in reducing wildlife crime,
but it should be used with foresight and caution.

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ISS Today: The AU must face up to
Africa’s governance-conflict links

The Peace and Security Council consistently failed to
confront the governance deficits that underlie many
of the continent’s conflicts.

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Publication: Sudan’s transition:
what are the chances of success?

The country could still revert to military dictatorship,
as happened with two earlier attempts at democratic transition.

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ISS Today: Port expansions could
expose Kenya to more crime

The vast potential of the multi-billion dollar development
must not be undermined by organised crime and terrorism.

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