Spotlight: Bridging the gap
between policy and practice

ISS not only develops policy but
works with police deployed on the
frontline of peace support operations.

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ISS Today: South Africa’s
parliamentary oversight
finally comes into view

The ANC taking on its own
minister shows just how SA’s
political sands are shifting.

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Weekly briefing: money is
poisoning South Africa’s politics

Will new proposals to regulate
political party funding succeed?

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Seminar: South Africa’s future
foreign policy priorities

Can the country’s new leadership
adjust to future shifts in power and influence?

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Analysis: Reform or unravel?
Prospects for Angola’s transition

As president Dos Santos steps down, can
Angola’s next leader turn the country around?

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Violent extremism in South Africa:
assessing the current threat

SA has complex links to violent extremism.
New research examines the threat
and government’s response.

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Peace and Security
Council Report No 91

This issue covers responses to genocide,
atrocities and the LRA, as well as the
impact of peacekeeping funding cuts.

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Conflict prevention:
what's in it for the AU?

The African Union must play
a bigger role in preventing conflict
and building sustainable peace.

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Video: are Africa’s
liberation movements
past their prime?

Where these movements are still
in power, what has been the impact
on democracy and development?

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