Press release: Organised crime
rises in Africa as criminal groups
take advantage of COVID-19

Despite lockdowns and movement restrictions
due to the pandemic, organised criminals were
able to adapt more effectively than legal entities.

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ISS Today: Gaddafi’s bid for president
questions the ICC’s influence

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s ambitions in Libya may not materialise,
but his move shows the international court’s limits.

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Seminar: Africa’s iDovers work
for peace in a COVID-19 world

The African Union’s iDovers initiative aimed at
preventing violent extremism is under threat
from pandemic-related restrictions.

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Seminar: The clock is ticking on
South Sudan’s transition

With just a year left to achieve its goals,
can the latest power-sharing deal bring stability?

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Seminar: Sand trafficking –
Morocco’s silent menace

The high demand for sand is fueling trafficking
and organised crime that threaten the
country’s coastal ecosystems.

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Publication: Preventing violence against
women and children – an evidence review

This report distils principles, approaches
and activities that hold promise for
reducing violence in South Africa.

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ISS Live: Women and
Africa’s COVID-19 recovery

In the wake of the pandemic,
how can women contribute to building
more inclusive and prosperous societies?

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ISS Live: Ending African sea-blindness
requires young ocean champions

Greater youth inclusivity in maritime
policy making can deliver long-term
strategies that are fit for purpose.

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