ISS Today: Security vs efficiency -
smart ports in a post-COVID-19 era

As African ports pursue technological
innovation to boost trade, new
cybersecurity risks will emerge.

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Seminar: Addressing hunger in South
Africa, now and in the future

As the COVID-19 crisis brings hunger
into stark relief, what can be done
about this long-standing problem?

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Seminar: How will COVID-19 affect
Ethiopia’s stability and transition?

This seminar considers the country’s already
fragile security situation and the possible
impact on political liberalisation.

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Publication: COVID-19 and
political stability in Ethiopia

Tensions are rising over future
governance options, and the state
of emergency could spark riots.

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Publication: Zimbabwe’s
currency ‘curse’ and the
economic malaise

The new Zimbabwean dollar
won't stabilise soon, so re-adopting a
foreign currency needs to be considered.

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Publication: Shielding elections
from presidential influence

Should sitting presidents who
seek re-election be required to
step aside ahead of the polls?

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Publication: From lockdown to
Thuma Mina - impact of economic
reform on South Africa’s prospects

A pro-growth social compact and
evidence-based economic policy could
dramatically improve the country’s prospects.

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ISS contacts during
temporary office closure

For media inquiries about human security
in Africa and related implications of COVID-19

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The Institute for Security Studies is an African organisation, which enhances human security by providing independent and authoritative research, expert policy advice and capacity building.
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