ISS Today: Back to the
future in Madagascar

The international community might
need to intervene once again after
the run-off elections on 19 December.

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Seminar: Can Africa adapt to
future impacts of climate change?

Africa has contributed little to climate
change, but is disproportionately
vulnerable to its effects.

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Seminar: Using evidence
to reduce violence in
the Western Cape

When violence is localised,
strategies based on analysis
of incident data can work.

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Publication: Freedom of movement in
Southern Africa: a SADC (pipe)dream?

The region needs a more collective approach
to managing migration but political will
and reliable data are lacking.

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Briefing video: connecting
wildlife crime and corruption

Corruption has become an enabling
force in keeping the Southern African
illegal trade in wildlife alive.

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ISS Live: Global lessons
on migration policy

Ahead of the first worldwide pact
on migration, regional perspectives
can inform progressive responses.

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