ISS Today: Neither the Security Council
nor the AU is grasping the GERD nettle

Was it irresponsible for the UN
to not intervene, considering the
AU’s inability to resolve the dispute?

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ISS Live: From law to action
South Africa’s new Cybercrimes Act

How does the new legislation enhance
the country’s crimefighting capability
at home and abroad?

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Publication: Primacy of politics
or securitising governance?

To succeed, the new AU Department of Political Affairs,
Peace and Security must overcome the challenges posed
by the cost-cutting rationale behind its establishment.

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ISS Live: Can new leadership
transform the DRC’s fortunes?

A recent study of the country’s long-term
prospects outlines specific areas
for government intervention.

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ISS Live: Do police make
South Africa safe?

Working together, police and researchers
can help the SAPS become the
professional agency it aims to be.

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