ISS Today: Emmerson Mnangagwa –
Zimbabwe’s probable president

The MDC Alliance’s claims have
left many unanswered questions
regarding the president’s legitimacy.

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Weekly briefing: maritime
trade is Africa’s lifeblood

World Maritime Day is a good time
to prioritise the development of
the continent’s oceans economy.

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Seminar: Manufacturing is key to
improved livelihoods in Africa

Targeted approaches to manufacturing
can offset the negative impact of
Africa’s rapid population growth.

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Video: Peacekeeping needs a
reformed UN Security Council

To effectively oversee and manage future
peacekeeping missions, the United Nations
Security Council must reform.

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Video: Leveraging Africa’s
demographic dividend

Africa’s potential to improve livelihoods
is unprecedented, but measures to
contain population growth are needed.

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Publication: Violent crime
on farms and smallholdings
in South Africa

More detailed police data is needed, but
available statistics show that farm attack trends
correspond with increases in house robbery.

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Briefing video: Organised
crime fuels Nigeria’s
herder violence

A low-level conflict has
become deadly as a result
of impunity and organised crime.

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Podcast: an interview
with Mama Koite Doumbia

Ousmane Diallo speaks to the President
of the Women Leaders Platform of
Mali on efforts to empower women.

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