Spotlight: ISS and Ethiopia
sign new cooperation agreement

ISS and the Ethiopian government have
renewed their productive relationship
focused on Africa’s peace and security.

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ISS Today: Promising signs of Africa’s
global leadership on maritime security

Africa is acutely vulnerable to maritime crime,
which has become a low risk, high reward business.

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Weekly briefing: SONA 2019 –
great expectations

President Ramaphosa’s address
was music to South Africa’s
ears, but can he deliver?

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Infographic: Africa elections 2019

Will the continent’s numerous elections
this year bring change?

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Infographic: Refugees and
IDPs – Africa’s hotspots

Africa hosts a third of the world’s
forcibly displaced people.

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The Institute for Security Studies is an African organisation, which enhances human security by providing independent and authoritative research, expert policy advice and capacity building.
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