Press release: External investigations into
IPID are crucial for police-public relations

Left unchecked, already low levels of trust in South Africa’s
criminal justice system will deteriorate further.

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ISS Today: How is Africa dealing
with young extremists?

To prevent further radicalisation and abuse,
juvenile terrorist suspects need special
attention, separate from adults.

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Seminar: Is South Africa’s anti-
corruption system improving?

This seminar assesses the contribution
of key anti-corruption bodies and how
to improve their effectiveness.

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Publication: At the table or on the menu?
Africa’s agency and the global order

Africa is largely a resilient but
marginal global player – what
can be done to change this?

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Publication: Deadline or deadlock?
AMISOM’s future in Somalia

Reconfiguring AMISOM would be better for
Somalia than the focus on its withdrawal
that preoccupies donor countries.

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Publication: South Africa’s support
to peace and security in Burundi

Since Burundi’s controversial 2015 elections, South
Africa has provided electoral support, civil service
training and helped develop public institutions.

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ISS Live: Is Botswana's ruling
party about to be unseated?

If the BDP loses elections this month,
how might that impact one of
Africa’s most stable countries?

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ISS Live: Will Mozambique’s
elections be free and fair?

On 15 October, the country will hold its
most competitive elections yet in a
difficult political climate.

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