ISS Today: Mutual benefits
of Ethiopia’s refugee policy

Investing in refugees means
investing in Ethiopians – and
this is setting a global example.

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Seminar: Election uncertainty
in Guinea-Bissau,
Mali and Togo

How can national and international
actors respond to the persistent
crises in these three countries?

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Weekly briefing: South Africa
faces a dry future

Only dedicated financial investment and determined
political will can prevent a water disaster.

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Infographic: What South Africa must do
to prevent a national water crisis

Four key things the country must
do to prevent disaster 20 years from now.

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Press release: South Africa can
avoid a national water crisis

A new study sets out aggressive measures to
offset guaranteed water shortages in the future.

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ISS Live: Good policing starts
with respect for human rights

What must be done to ensure
that South Africa's police treat
vulnerable groups with dignity?

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Publication: A delicate balance –
water scarcity in South Africa

Implementing conservation and demand reduction measures
will help secure water for future generations.

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ISS Live: Preventing a national
water crisis starts now

This seminar discussed how South Africa
can prevent its looming water crisis.

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