Video briefing: Zimbabwe’s
succession drama intensifies

Expert analysis on the developing
situation after an apparent military takeover.

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ISS Today: Good coup,
bad coup?

How regime change is achieved matters.
In Zimbabwe, the latest developments
set a dangerous precedent.

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Press release: Illicit arms and
organised crime threaten
Africa’s development

Confronting illegal arms flows and the
impact of organised crime are priorities,
says ENACT at the Dakar Forum.

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Seminar: Turning Africa’s
migration policy into practice

African states should match
their commitments on forced
migration with effective action.

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Seminar: New research and
new solutions for organised crime in Africa

This seminar discusses innovations in
the measurement and long-term analysis
of transnational organised crime.

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Seminar: Driving maritime
security in the Horn of Africa

Using IGAD’s maritime strategy,
states can develop secure and
sustainable blue economies.

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Seminar: Linking the AU’s peace,
security and governance efforts

Speakers from the AU will discuss
how to strengthen the role and
synergies between AGA and APSA.

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Publication: Violent extremism
in Kenya - Why women are a priority

Based on original research in Kenya,
this study explores women’s involvement
in extremism, and its impact on their lives.

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Publication: Back to the Future
Legitimising Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections

As ZANU-PF’s leaders battle for power, it’s worth
asking how Mugabe won in 2013 and
what that means for the next election.

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ISS Live: An inside view into
policing in South Africa

Research reveals the challenges facing
officers and managers in delivering
policing services to the public.

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