Spotlight: the future of violence
prevention in South Africa

With skills, determination and a willingness to
learn, a focused partnership is tackling violence.

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ISS Today: Sexual violence
against men and boys in CAR

Local and international courts, and
aid organisations, are key starting
points for dealing with this violence.

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Weekly briefing: human
trafficking vs migration?

With a focus on regulating migration,
human trafficking is less of a priority.

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Publication: Securing a sustainable oceans
economy – South Africa’s approach

The country must reappraise its oceans economy and
produce a comprehensive national maritime strategy.

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Publication: South African
Crime Quarterly 64

This edition addresses issues of
governance in the policing, justice
and service delivery sectors.

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Briefing video: tackling corruption
through better criminal justice

South Africa needs criminal justice reform
to prevent state capture and corruption.

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Video: The heroin
economy and arms control

This two-part part seminar took a critical look at
drugs and firearms, which have a profound impact
on peace, security and development in Africa.

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