Spotlight: informing
decisions about how to
bring stability to Guinea-Bissau

The ISS is contributing to
debates about the institutional
reforms that the country requires.

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ISS Today: Is Southern Africa
facing a food security disaster?

Population growth, lagging
food production and climate
change threaten food stability.

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Weekly briefing: does violent
extremism threaten SA?

New research examines the threat
and how the country should respond.

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Seminar: Mozambique’s
growth and human
development outlook

Will natural gas be a boon or a burden
for the country’s most vulnerable?

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Seminar: Partnering on AU
reform and human security

As the 29th summit kicks off,
this seminar discusses the issues
of AU reform and self-reliance.

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Analysis: Peace and Security
Council Report No 92

At the upcoming AU summit,
will leaders equip the Peace and
Security Council to deal with conflicts?

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Analysis: Life beyond BRICS?
South Africa's future
foreign policy interests

Africa should remain the focus
of the country's foreign
and economic policy.

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Video: How to restart
Africa’s growth engine

Policy changes are needed for
sub-Saharan Africa to realise its
tremendous growth potential.

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Video: elections amid
crisis in Congo-Brazzaville

The stakes are high for both the
majority and opposition factions.

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