ISS Today: Downstream costs
of the Grand Ethiopian
Renaissance Dam

Ethiopia is pursuing an essential human
development project, but at what cost
to its relationship with Egypt?

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Weekly briefing: no DRC
election this year

As violence continues, is the country
heading for a state of emergency?

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Seminar: After Iraq,
what next for ISIS?

ISIS defeat in Mosul raises
questions about the terror
group’s future, not least for Africa.

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Book launch: Fate of
the Nation

The ANC’s choice of its next leader
will determine South Africa’s fate.

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Brochure: Unwanted
police commissioners

ISS and Corruption Watch are
calling for merit-based recruitment
for top positions in South Africa.

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Analysis: Effective maritime
domain awareness in the
Western Indian Ocean

Better knowledge can prevent
threats and inform maritime
operations and policies.

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South African
Crime Quarterly 60

SACQ 60 is a special issue on
organised environmental crime,
guest edited by Annette Hübschle.

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