ISS Today: SADC is deaf to
alarm bells in the region

Too often it takes an outbreak of violence for
SADC to act on deficits of democracy and elections.

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Weekly briefing: Improving
access to education in Africa

The continent needs an education revolution
to catch up with global averages.

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Publication: Peace and
Security Council Report No 101

This month’s report looks at decisions
made during the two-year term of
the outgoing PSC members.

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Video: Migration and
countering violent extremism

Is migration in Africa linked to terrorism?
ISS looks at the evidence.

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Video: Understanding
migration in Africa

Can migration begin to unlock
Africa’s true economic potential?

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Infographic: Central Africa –
Africa’s most troubled region?

Countries in the region must tackle
weak governance and insecurity,
and overcome development hurdles.

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Briefing video: Educating girls
can help fight Boko Haram

Keeping Nigeria’s girls in school could counter
the extremist group’s anti-education campaign.

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