ISS Today: SA’s Pahad panel
pines for the past

But to regain its global influence, South
Africa’s foreign policy should also address
some contemporary realities.

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Seminar: 2019 elections – South Africa’s
most crucial contest yet?

Is the ANC an obstacle to rebuilding
the country, and could opposition
parties step up?

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Seminar: Time for major
reform of the ICC?

How could the functioning of the court
be improved, and what position
should South Africa take?

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Seminar: Will violence disrupt
South Africa’s elections?

Many frustrated South Africans may
prefer protests to voting on 8 May.

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Publication: Shared value – how
business can support children
and prevent violence

Intervening in the first three years
of life is cost effective, with greater
returns on social investment.

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Publication: SA Crime
Quarterly 66

This special edition focuses on the decolonisation
of South Africa’s criminal justice system.

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Weekly briefing: Fanning the heroin
flame in South Africa

Heroin smuggling down Africa's east coast is
building a national crisis in the domestic market.

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