Spotlight: Removing hurdles
in Africa’s efforts to curb WMD

The ISS directory of CBRN assistance-providers
promotes capacity-building, and complements
the AU’s increasingly active role in this area.

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ISS Today: There’s more to
Cameroon’s protest than meets the eye

The revolt by English-speaking Cameroonians
is symptomatic of a general dissatisfaction
with President Paul Biya’s regime.

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Weekly briefing: crime
trends in South Africa

Murder and robbery continue to
undermine public safety in South Africa.

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Seminar: Can local action
stop terrorism in Africa?

Top experts debate the prospects
of tackling violent extremism through
community rather than security action.

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Analysis: Peace and
Security Council Report 88

In this edition, Pierre Buyoya talks about
countering terrorism in Mali, and new
dynamics in the AU Commission are explored.

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Analysis: Partnering for
sustainable peace in Liberia

Despite making significant strides,
Liberia still has urgent peacebuilding
priorities that need to be addressed.

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Analysis: Engaging Africa’s youth
in democratic governance

Africa’s youth has an important role to
play in fostering peace, development
and democracy on the continent.

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Briefing video: piracy shouldn’t
define maritime priorities

The African Union must lead on reviving
Africa’s maritime security in 2017.

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