Infographic: Murder and robbery

Murder and aggravated robbery
continue to increase in South Africa

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Spotlight: what works
to prevent conflict in Africa?

ISS and Igarapé are mapping good practices
in the Sahel, Great Lakes and Horn of Africa.

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ISS Today: New links to Indian Ocean Rim
can bolster Africa’s blue economy

South Africa can facilitate investment and
development of Africa’s nascent ocean economies.

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Weekly briefing: will SADC
resolve the Lesotho
crisis this time?

The decision to send a strong peacekeeping
force to Lesotho raises hopes of stability.

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Seminar: Elections for sale -
is party funding a necessary evil?

How will new legislation on party funding
affect South Africa’s political landscape?

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Seminar: Matching aid to
Africa’s priorities

What kind of development aid spending
will reduce poverty in sub-Saharan Africa?

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South African Crime Quarterly 61

This issue covers a range of topics from investigations of
commercial crimes to restorative justice and illegal mining.

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Publication: Fertility, growth and the
future of aid in sub-Saharan Africa

Rapid population growth lies at the root of
sub-Saharan Africa’s inability to reduce poverty.

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Publication: Reducing violence
in SA: from policing
to prevention

To reduce violence, South Africa’s
government needs to spend more
on prevention, not criminal justice.

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