ISS Today: Can external mediation
break Sudan’s political stalemate?

Trilateral intervention could help bridge differences
between civilian groups and the military.

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Workshop: Planet vs people? Climate change
and human security in Africa

This seminar discusses reframing
climate change as an issue of stability,
socio-economic resilience and development.

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Workshop: Evidence-Based
Policing South Africa

Connecting researchers, police and
public safety actors and supporting
police reform for a safer country.

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Publication: Africa’s positioning in
global climate change negotiations

COP 27 provides African countries
with an important opportunity to work
together and build capacity and agency.

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Publication: Boko Haram’s deadly business – an
economy of violence in the Lake Chad Basin

This report explores how this
violent extremist group has managed
to survive in the region for over a decade.

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ISS Live: Can the Ukraine conflict build
bridges between Africa and Europe?

The conflict threatens gains made between
the AU and EU, but constructive relations
could be re-established.

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