Spotlight: New evidence on extremism
informs policy in the Sahel

ISS research is changing the discourse about
violent extremism in West Africa
and how to respond.

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ISS Today: Fighting Somali piracy –
don’t get the next steps wrong

Piracy problems are just the tip of the iceberg
of Africa’s maritime security challenges.

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Weekly briefing: will new laws and
new deals quell mass migration?

The responses of individual states seem
inconsistent with those proposed by the
African Union.

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Analysis: Democratise or disintegrate –
how the AU can help South Sudan

Is the forthcoming national dialogue an opportunity
to broaden South Sudan’s political process?

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Peace and Security Council Report No 89

This edition takes a closer look at burning issues like
child soldiers, Liberia and a new AU financing model.

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Analysis: From rhetoric to action -
delivering for young women in africa

Young African women face a double
burden of gender and age discrimination.
Addressing this requires deliberate policy choices.

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