ISS Today: With Bashir gone, the
Horn faces a power shake-up

Given his stature outside Sudan, Bashir’s
removal is a major shock for a region
undergoing rapid transformation.

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Seminar: No end in sight –
Zimbabwe’s currency curse

Will the ban on a multicurrency system
stave off economic collapse, and
could adopting the SA rand help?

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Seminar: Crime, maps and policing –
using data to police Khayelitsha

Do police understand
crime patterns enough to
effectively reduce harm?

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Seminar: Launch of ENACT Organised
Crime Index for Africa

This side event on the margins of the UN
General Assembly presents a new tool
to help confront organised crime.

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Seminar: New perspectives
on violent extremism in Africa

ISS assesses prevention projects
in Africa, and makes the case for
dialogue with violent extremists.

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Seminar: Africa’s illicit drug market –
what’s needed to address it

New research on illegal drugs and Africa’s
policy responses will be discussed on the
margins of the UN General Assembly.

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Publication: Competition, cooperation
and security in the Red Sea

As concerns grow about the management
of the region, this report assesses latest
developments and ongoing rivalries.

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Publication: Great Zimbabwe –
alternative prospects to 2040

What kind of progress can the country
expect to achieve over the next 20 years?

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View on Africa:
The Horn’s power vacuum

Following Bashir’s overthrow,
regional power and influence
is shifting in the Horn of Africa.

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