ISS Today: South Africa’s future is tied to
ANC leadership and election battles

The country could be on the cusp of major political
change – but the ANC is likely to remain dominant.

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Seminar: Will the AU be fit
for purpose in 2022?

How will decisions at the upcoming
AU summit impact on the
continent’s trajectory?

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Seminar: Making the EU strategy
with Africa work for Africa

As the February EU–AU summit approaches,
how can Europe and Africa improve
their economic cooperation?

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Publication: Cyber diplomacy and
Africa’s digital development

The continent stands to gain from leveraging
its demographic position as a source and
marketplace for future technology.

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Publication: Monitoring
violence prevention

This discussion document outlines
violence-prevention interventions and
advocates for effective policy implementation.

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The Institute for Security Studies is an African organisation, which enhances human security by providing independent and authoritative research, expert policy advice and capacity building.
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