From potential to prosperity: Africa’s long-term future


This conference is jointly hosted by the Institute for Security Studies and the Gordon Institute of Business Science

Africa has seen progress in areas such as life expectancy and health, but on most indices of wellbeing such as average income, many African countries lag further and further behind global averages. Instead of narrowing the gap, the last four decades have seen an acceleration of the growing disparities between Africa and the rest of the world.

What needs to happen to close the gap between Africa and its global peers?

This expert conference will answer this important question. It builds on more than a decade of strategic foresight analysis, such as scenario planning and forecasting by the Institute for Security Studies African Futures & Innovation programme, and the Gordon Institute of Business Science’s Future of Business project.

Drawing on the ISS and GIBS research and forecasting capabilities, stakeholders and analysts invested in the future of Africa can jointly explore the long-term prospects for the continent.

Picture: Pixabay/geralt

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