Costing the scale up of parenting programmes in South Africa


Any national strategy to prevent interpersonal violence should include evidence-based parenting programmes that support caregivers. Research on the effectiveness of parenting programmes for reducing the risk factors for neglect, abuse and violence against children is growing. But determining the cost of large-scale delivery of these programmes has been difficult. This report summarises the costs involved in scaling up parenting programmes, and guides users of the associated costing model.

About the authors

Carmen Abdoll is a Senior Economist at Cornerstone Economic Research. She has experience working in public sector finance management and budget analysis in the Southern African region. She also has experience in analysing social welfare and education policies, conducting expenditure analyses, and developing costing models.

Lugisani Ragwala is a Researcher at Cornerstone Economic Research. He has worked on projects relating to performance evaluation and performance information by developing process descriptions and documentation. Recently he has become more involved in developing costing models.

Photo: Elizabeth Harmse and her baby Danicah. Elizabeth was a participant in two of the parenting programmes offered by the Seven Passes initiative. © Jonathon Rees

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