South Africa’s construction mafia
trains its sights on local government

With elections a week away, attacks on ward councillors
are bad for democracy and reflect the country’s
organised crime problem.

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Mapping public violence
in South Africa

Incidence of public violence in South Africa
from 7–16 July 2021.

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New private sector
options for preventing violence

Work-based programmes can make the
home and the workplace safer, and in the
process improve productivity and profits.

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National crime mapping

Our interactive tool generates graphs for
crime rates spanning 15 years in any category.

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Fact Sheet: SAPS resourcing and
performance, 2012-2020

This briefing note provides trends related to the SAPS budget,
personnel, activities, performance and conduct.

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Municipal crime mapping

Generate municipal maps for various violent
and property crime categories over time.

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